Words on Paper; journaling with purpose

lace seeing through the veils to the world beyond

Losing the plot. That seemed to be what happened to my September. I would start the day with all sorts of great intentions but somewhere between dropping Alder off and me sitting down to get to business it would all fly from my head. Despite all the great changes going on in our lives I was having a hard time bringing about my own. I didn’t really know what direction to take in the details, I knew what I wanted life to look like two years from now but next month or next week was a mystery. I was talking with a good friend about my lack of focus and clarity and she handed to me a beautiful and simple way to focus.

I was doubtful at first. I am notorious for my inability to keep with things especially when there is no external motivation. I tried to give this return to journaling a good start, I knew I need some accountability during my days. First I gave myself a day off and went to Boulder with the mission to find a perfect journal. While I am not always a huge Boulder fan they do have some great bookstores. So on an overcast day I headed for there for a day of tea, journals, and in the end a really good felafel. The gray skies added to the feeling of traveling and I spent the day acting as if I was in a distant city.

I suppose giving this much attention to one little blank book could be seen as ridiculous. But the day was more about starting, this was a way to say good bye to the randomness I had been experiencing in my days for over a month. So I drank sweet chai as it rained and I walked through many bookstores and a paper goods shop trying to find just the right journal. Finally I settled on a plain brown book with every other page lined. It was the least expensive book I had seen all day, but from experience that writing in a precious journal is more difficult. Besides this one wasn’t heavy, I wouldn’t choose to leave it at home because of the weight.

It took a few days before I was ready to try guided journaling. Finally a week after I got the book I sat down with the list of questions and began. A month later and I find that the days that I focus a little on myself and my goals more gets done, I don’t lose the plot that often, and I feel like see progress. I like these daily questions so much I want to share.

Each day I ask myself these seven questions, some times it takes ten minutes to answer them other times a half hour. They aren’t all I use my journal for but they are the how I start my day.

1) What did I learn yesterday?
2) List three gratitudes?
3) List three actions that more than anything else I want to get done today.
4) What is the big picture?
5) What am I saying yes to today? What am I saying no to today?
6) What can today be?
7) What am I doing for my health today?

I hope these questions will be as inspiring to you as they are to me.


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