Role Playing


You can get really comfortable in unemployment, applying for jobs is in own way becomes a job. My days  are busy ferrying Alder to school and parkour at Apex I tend to stay away from the house like I’m at a full time job. If you haven’t looked for work recently you’ve missed the joy of black hole of the internet. That’s when you send in an application and never hear back because there was no real human on the other side of the application. But it isn’t all bad, I’m slowly shifting my search towards freelance project work, there are more companies interested in flex employees than there are people who do drafting in the area, the trick is connecting with them. So I spend part of my day working on a website, creating marketing materials and all that fun stuff.

But there are more hours in the day than just time I spend on those things. I can’t help it there are only so many times I can hear a ‘no thank you’ or nothing without starting to feel a little down. So I have set myself a few other projects to keep my mood up.

The first new project I took on, which I’ve mentioned before, is the book I’m writing for Alder. It started as a promise to him but it has somehow made it’s way into being a 120 page story with three major scenes to go. I’ve taken on this writing in a professional manner, as if the writing is my part time job. It feels good to have something productive coming out.

I’ve also taken on one other project. I’ve joined the the planning team for 1 Billion Rising Denver I know I swore off non-profit work but this is an important issue to me and it gets me out talking to people, something that writing doesn’t. Yesterday I went to my first planning meeting and have a list of things to do before the beginning of January. It feels good to be giving time to something that really does inspire and connect people. So much better than sitting around and just getting frustrated on facebook.

So even though I’m still looking for work I am making sure that there are things in my life that give me some feelings of success. If you are looking for work try to keep it in your mind that having creative or community success while you look for work is really important for you psyche.


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