Yesterday didn’t fit well for any of us. The snow that was promised teased all day leaving us without real storm. Friends who we are used to seeing weekly were busy, and there was just a general feeling of yuck around the house. Even a trip to the parkour gym where A spent and hour practicing and playing with friends and I got some writing done did little to cheer us up.

At home we took on a project, putting away the books that had started to pile next to chairs, on tables, in the bathroom. The excitement was brief, soon it turned from project to chore. Even the cats were too down to use their usual sit on the pile we are dealing with technique. We were a sad bunch of creatures in the house.

There were grumblings of hunger from some so I went into the kitchen to figure out what to do with leftovers. The protests given by the smaller human over leftovers were loud and adamant. I am not always the most sympathetic to his pickiness, I will happily put sauces on the side or leave some of the pasta sauce plain for him, but when the principle of a meal, not the flavor is the issue I don’t budge. Still we were all grumpy and in need of cheer.

So I made pies! Chicken Pot Pie and Berry Yogurt Pie. I’m not sure what the other two humans were up to while I cooked, but by the time that I had rolled out the dough I was in a better mood. Then Kevin, who I didn’t even know had left the house handed me a holiday ale things were looking quite good again. So it was an evening of pie and beer.



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