That Thing I Keep Talking About

Wes Anderson-John Irving

Alder Channeling Wes Anderson & John Irving characters

In the shower this morning I had this great post all planned out, every word was nuanced and perfect, now I’ve spent the past hour rewriting this first paragraph. I’m not sure if it is the coffee or what but I can’t seem to put the right words down.

I’ve talked about this subject before, and usually I am spurred by some event in our life or in the media. But today it was more a need to speak for a selfish reason, I just wanted to spout my opinion. I realize that sometimes it is better to stay quiet and let the conversation pass me by. Instead I will talk about how much I love this kid.

I love the world we have created around Cuddle Kitty One (me) and Cuddle Kitty Two (A), who happen to be three inch troublesome alter egos who sometimes get to be members of the Sparkle Kitties who are an imagined superhero television show about a group of kittens who are always saving the world from Pigalot and Womb-boom. When not being secret superheroes Cuddle Kitty Two takes care of her 500,000 kittens and invents hover boards. Cuddle Kitty One spend her time going on world wide adventures, and as Cuddle Kitty Two guinea pig on her inventions.

I love that he started his own business making bath salts and other relaxation things, and has gotten into his first crafts fair.

I love (and hate) that he spends all of his time right now whistling.

I love that he wants his hair grown out so badly that he endures hours of hair brushing and dread detangling, with little complaint.

I love that he just spent the last three evenings making a toilet for his 24 hours in a tree adventure he is planning for the Spring at his grandparents in the mountains, for that matter I love that he decided to spend 24 hours in a tree.

I love how you still kiss me 17 times any time you kiss me, even in front of your friends.

I love the way you know exactly who you are and your willingness tell anyone who contradicts what’s what in the calmest most polite manner.

I love the way you always put your shirt on backwards and never notice it.

And most of all I love the way you share with me your opinions on everything from the color of my shirt to the situation in Syria.


nikkon xmas holidays 2014 064



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