Home not Home

my desk 4Some days this is what working from home looks like. A table somewhere else, really anywhere else. I love my studio but it can get really quiet in there, even with podcasts playing I feel the quiet. So I pack up my desk and find a spot where I can sit and work. Today I’m at the Source,   sitting at a bank of tables along with other people who like me are trying to be somewhere else.

When I first moved to Denver this building was Bud’s Warehouse; a place you could go to find old windows, sinks, and other left over construction material. Now it has restaurants and galleries. The whole neighborhood has shifted from older industrial to a mix of galleries, breweries (this is Denver after all), creative work spaces, and design businesses. But if you get a cup of coffee or a sandwich you can sit here for hours. So here I am doing just that, getting more done in three hours than I did all yesterday.

I’m beginning to think that once I get my business going more I’m going to get a desk at one of the co-working places in Denver, I don’t want anyone else to be my boss but I want to go to work and be around people. A balance that a lot of people in Denver seem to search out. You can see it every day in the cafes and coffee shops, tables full of people working.

It’s a funny time we live in where creating yourself as a person and a business is a better way to make a living than to offer can yourself up to some business complete and whole. Of course this probably takes more work but it also means that you craft who you are and what you do just how you see it. I’m no expert, I’ve just started working with my first client, but I like this life I’m making.



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