Sunset at the Farm

I don’t believe is catch up posts, at least for me. I believe in right now and sharing when my thoughts come together.  It seems that for the last three months I have been in the position of waiting for things to solidify. Whether it was the almost three months of waiting for the doctors to come up with a diagnosis for my father, or missing A while he was at summer camp or finding a new place and moving, I felt a little at the mercy of others. So I did the thing I’m best at, I worked. I worked a lot,  like six and seven days a week a lot.

Now we’re at the end of this season of waiting, all the loose ends are tied up. We have ten more days until we move into our new place, my dad has begun his treatments, and A and I have had our share of adventures (and misadventures).  I’m going to ride this bit of now for a while. Take things as they come delve into nesting, and loving, and work, and family, and friends, and what is going on today.


My latest display in cookbooks14115399_10154015506176843_494712318962400547_oWe got rid of 2/3 of our posessions14054348_10154022245681843_7898413406760665837_oBut we kept the things we love14188619_10154037119266843_5323071306034046980_oLeaving behind our home of seven years14207585_10154051821866843_8510238464037004895_oWe’ve been camping out for September14242438_10154045975416843_5565714196572753531_o14424883_10154085861751843_4082737459756751395_oWe’ve still had time for a few adventures14086444_10154010614571843_8372597889508924617_o


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