I’m what you might call a serial blogger. Over the last eight years I have had three other blogs, each of them for a different phase of life. I think of a blog like a jacket; you get them and the new style and shape are great. After a few years they stop being the right fit any more, and some never were, so when you realize that you are wearing three sweaters rather than your jacket you think it might be time for a new one. This blog is my new jacket.

Alder’s Mama


No Unsacred Places

Trees in the Sidewalk? There is a large Tree of Heaven growing next to our house that we have a love hate relationship with. It is in the garden of the neighboring apartment building but it shades our house making it cool all year long. But the roots of the tree are aggressive and are slowly eating away at the foundation of our porch, they also have tilted the sandstone blocks that make up our sidewalk. This means every few weeks someone in a wheel chair from the assisted living apartments a block away get stuck on their way to the 7-11. It also means that we are constantly uprooting trees from the cracks in the sidewalk. But don’t worry this isn’t just a blog about a very big tree, even though I have hundreds of stories to tell about our little micro-neighborhood in the trees shade.

This blog is mainly about our family:

SVB 2014 That’s me Stasa, Mama, writer, architectural drafter, and woman of the house. I love cooking, coffee, hiking, reading, and public radio. I am the daughter of a Marxist Professor and an Engineer, who spent the first 18 years of my life in New York City.

Spring 2014 Portrait This is the boy, Alder, skateboarder, gardener, lover of parkour, Lego, Harry Potter and computer games. Alder is your regular everyday homebirth free schooling barefoot eight year old.

Kevin 2014 That’s Kevin, Papa, acupuncturist, sometimes teacher, climber, and poet. Born in Wyoming, raised in Colorado, Kevin is all mountain and meditation.

G and J 2014 And finally I would be remiss if I didn’t include a photo of the two other males of the house. George is the gray one on the right, he’s a love slut. Jump on the left is George’s cat.




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